"The most important measure of how good a game I played was how much better I'd made my teammates play." -Bill Russell

HK Commodores

HKCBC is a youth basketball club made up of Hong Kong students from different ages, backgrounds and schools, led by Mr. Philbert Ho, the founder of the club team.  The primary goal of the club is to provide a competitive environment for student athletes to fully enhance their potential, to excel and develop the willingness to learn as well as participate in community service to better our society.  The club has grown since our beginning days of merely 10 players to more than 60 boys and girls that compete and train every week by our dedicated coaching staffs presently; HKCBC provides year-round training opportunities for players aging from 11 to 19 years old. Our teams have won several youth league championships over the past years.

Since 2014, the club has made three trips to Las Vegas for our annual summer training camp; and in 2017 we became the “First” ever basketball team from Hong Kong to participate in the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) summer tournament, where over 1000 other club teams from across the states also played.  We have recently held our first Winter Basketball Camp in Hong Kong where we invited American coaches to share their knowledge with our local players.  Going forward we hope to expand our collaboration with our affiliated US club teams to promote more exchange programs between both sides.

HK Commodores是一個由球隊創辦人 何振宇先生帶領一羣來自不同年齡、背景和學校的香港學生而組成的青少年籃球球會。本會旨在培訓青少年球員充分提升潛能、團隊精神以及樂於參與社區服務。本球會由初期的10餘人發展至今天的60多名男女子成員於每星期參加大型公開賽以及作定期訓練;球會是本地公開青少年籃球聯賽的常勝隊伍之一。自2014和2016年我們遠征到美國拉斯維加斯集訓,接受當地為期兩星期的密集式練習,體驗當地青少年籃球員的嚴格訓練,跟當地中學生球隊/球會作賽。2017年我們更成為香港首支參與美國全國學界超過1000個球會參加的AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) 夏季巡迴賽的隊伍,此令各球員無論在體能或技術上都突飛猛進。球隊也參加了更多不同的本地賽事, 增強競爭力。

HKCBC不斷為11至19歲少年球員提供鍛鍊及集訓機會。正如剛過去的2017冬季籃球訓練營(香港站)我們邀請到美國教練前來指導眾學員;球會亦打算於未來邀請美國青少年球會來港跟本會作交流。一直以來球隊都集中努力培訓這班可能沒法參加校隊的青少年球員,讓每位成員都可以實踐自己的一個小小籃球夢。 HK Commodores致力培訓青少年球員,隊不是由任何本地球員, 或者大機構撐腰;但讓他們能夠跟一班志同道合的隊友/好友一齊訓練及比賽,一起成長,建立一個同心協力的團隊,實屬難得。

we offer multiple teams

The team not only focus on youth basketball training, but also giving back to the community. The team have performed multiple community services in the past few years, including visiting disabled children’s dormitories, cleaning and renovating their houses and rooms. Through charity works, the team hopes to get involved with all kinds of training programs and serving the community so that our team members can provide suitable help to those in need to develop a positive and sense of responsibility. At the same time, we continue to push our efforts to pursue our dreams in basketball and inspire people with different life goals to learn about the importance of teamwork.




Our Camps

From Local Recognition to International Competition.

Our Staff

HK Commodore Staff work tirelessly to ensure a fulfilling basketball experience.

Philbert Ho (Coach Phil)

HK Commodores Basketball Club 創辦及負責人</p> <p>Head Coach & Program Director</p> <p>Certified Coach: AAU (America Amateur<br /> Union), USA Basketball Gold Licensed Coach</p> <p>MSc (HKU), BA (University of<br /> Waterloo)

Celia Leung

HK Commodores Basketball Club</p> <p>Manager & Design Director 球隊經理人及設計總監

Chan Chin Fung (Hugo)

HK Commodores Basketball Club</p> <p>Assistant Coach & Program Instructor助教

Jalen Brazier Lee

HK Commodores Basketball Club</p> <p>Assistant Coach & Program Instructor助教

Alex Li

HK Commodores Basketball Club</p> <p>Assistant Coach & Program Instructor助教



Thursday 18:30-21:00 @Hunghom district

Friday 18:30-21:00 @Hunghom district

Saturday @Indoor/outdoor basketball court in different districts; we practice at least twice every week




Social media

Facebook: HK Commodores Basketball Team

IG: @hk_commodores OR @hk_commodores_training_academy

General Cost

$200 Monthly Cost